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Best fishing tips from pros:

Posted on August 9, 2018

We all love fishing, well most of us, i guess but there are few people who have mastered the and the following tips are coming straight from their experience box. So let’s dive into them to ensure you grab some big ones out there:

1. Save Shredded Worms

If your plastic works get ripped off just save them, fishes prefer to kill wounded preys and this way you can utilize the wounded worms and trap in the giants.

2. Red fools the fish

If you use spinner bait with a red or pink head and crank bait with red hooks, this makes the fish think that the worm is injured and fish would bite at it pretty hard. This turns into your favour because the harder the fish bites at the hook, the deeper it gets through it.

3. Skip Your Bait

When you cast, stop most of the way as opposed to finishing, like a check swing in baseball. This influences the draw to hit the surface of the water a couple of feet before your target, so the bait skitters over the water. It’s a decent method to get under docks and other structures.

4. Keep Your Hooks Sharp

This is what I would suggest because no matter how good you are at the sport if your hooks are not sharpened, you would go home without fishes. You should always sharpen the hooks before getting started with them, it takes about 30 seconds to do it and a sharp hook is more apt to penetrate the fish.

5. Gaze at Your Live well Water

When you throw a bass in the live-well, they would pretty much spit up whatever they were feeding on. This way, you can evaluate what color lure or kind of lure to throw the rest of the day.

6. Face the Wind

Sacrifice some separation in your throws and fish with the wind in your face. Fishes dependably swim with the current, so it’s better for them to discover your snare before they discover your boat. Additionally, the noise of water slapping your body will divert from the spot you’re fishing, which is great.

7. Fish Shallow in the Spring

In the spring fishes hang out in bringing forth beds. Focus on shallow territories, particularly in pockets and inlets shielded from the breeze since this is the place they get a chance to protect their eggs. They’ll nibble as much out of disturbance with the bait as they will out of appetite.

8. Make Your Bait Seasonal

Fishes eat different types of foods available through the year. The general rule is early in the year they prefer to eat craw-fish so use peach-colored patterns. While at the time of summer and fall they prefer eating shad, so you should be using chrome or silver baits.

9. Fish before the storm

I can bet on it, the best time to fish is before the storm hits the area, if you are fishing after the storm it is the worst time to do so. The generated pressure from storm makes the fishes more active, so watch for a wall of clouds moving in and avoid fishing at that time. When it’s too pretty out, fishes aren’t likely to bite and you can use it for your advantage.

10. Bug Those Fishes

Fishes are smart to so you should keep tapping at it to upset it into biting your hook. Fishes position themselves in cover, and they prefer the lure presented to them at different angles.

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