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Dive Training and Instruction Information

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At Adventure Watersport Charters we are committed to making your SCUBA diving training and adventures, safe, fun and convenient. Our full time staff of experienced and trained professional PADI SCUBA Instructors are sanctioned to teach all different levels of SCUBA training, from the beginnings of the scuba experience all the way up to professional levels; including open water check out dives/open water referrals. We can customize your training schedule and dives to meet your needs, and offer the following:

  • Experienced PADI Professional Instructors
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Comfortable Private Boats
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Custom Dive Trips




This one day program provides you a safe and enjoyable world class first time dive experience. It includes a brief overview of the basics of diving, and two shallow reef dives guided by your PADI professional dive instructor, that allows you a fish eye view of the beauty of the Key West coral reefs. Learning to dive and breathe underwater for the first time is an incredible experience; one like no other, and one that you’ll never forget that provides a memory for your lifetime! We look forward to completing your introduction to the exciting sport of SCUBA diving.

Cost: $175

  • Includes instruction, 1 half day boat trip, 2 guided dives, and dive equipment
  • Must be at least 10 years old
  • (This is non-certification, experience only course, however it does count towards your Open Water Certification)


This scuba certification course is designed to teach the sport of scuba diving in a safe, fun and easy manner. The process of learning to SCUBA dive is referred to as “getting certified.” Becoming certified consists of taking a course that incorporates academics, confined water and open water dive training. On completion of this course, you will have the confidence and experience to dive in the ocean amongst the beautiful coral reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in Key West. This self study course is an accelerated version of the traditional course, and teaches the basics of scuba diving. The classroom/academic work is done in an interactive learning style on line, at your leisure and pace in the privacy of your own home, so when you arrive in Key West you are ready to jump into the water, allowing you to save valuable vacation time. Your on site dive training will include a knowledge review, use of our dive equipment, confined water training to practice and apply your knowledge learned, the required 4 open water dives which assess and test your skills.

Cost: $395

  • Includes instruction, equipment, boat trips, confined water training, 4 open water dives, dive gear, & certification; (PADI e-learning is not included)
  • Contact us for details on how to complete the academic portion of the Open Water Diver course prior to the start of your training in Key West.


The Open Water Checkout or “Referral” course is a two half day program, and allows those that have already completed their classroom and pool training sessions at home, to finish up their certification in the crystal clear tropical warms waters of Key West, with their remaining 4 required open water dives. After a quick knowledge review, you will perform your four required certification dives that will be supervised and guide d by your PADI Dive Instructor and conducted on the gorgeous coral reefs of Key West.

Cost: $295

  • Includes review/instruction, equipment, 2 half day boat trips, 4 open water dives, dive gear, & certification.


If you have been an inactive certified diver for a year or more, this day refresher program will allow you to update your knowledge and again become comfortable with your skills in the water, without having to retake a complete certification course. Your refresher will begin with a quick knowledge review of the basics of scuba diving, followed by two reef dives with your PADI dive professional in the crystal clear blue waters of Key West. Here you will review and practice basic scuba skills, underwater communication, safe diving practices and become reacquainted with your scuba diving equipment.

Cost: $175

  • Includes instruction, 1 half day boat trip, 2 guided dives, and dive equipment.
  • Must be currently an Open Water Certified or Junior Open Water Certified Diver.


Cost: $395

  • Includes instruction, 2 half day boat trips, 5 open water dives & certification; (PADI e-learning is not included).
  • Must be currently Open Water Certified or Junior Open Water Certified Diver.

Take your skills to the next level and broaden your dive experiences by becoming an Advance Open Water Diver in just 2 days! The self-study advanced certification is designed to improve and build your skills and the enjoyment of diving, while at the same time increasing your comfort and confidence in the water. It prepares you to be a more qualified diver in a variety of different conditions, is flexible in content, and best of all, can be customized to fit your interests. Your confidence and experience level will be increased through the practical application of theory and advanced diving skills. This course requires 5 open-water dives in the pristine warm waters of the Marquesas Keys and/or Key West, can be completed in one and a half days.


Perhaps the most interesting, rewarding and most valuable dive course you’ll ever take! This course is essential for the advanced divers who are considering Master Scuba Diver status or a career in diving at the Dive Master or Dive Instructor levels, and is referred to by students as the most valuable and rewarding scuba diving certification. This course is a series of lectures, video presentations, practical exercises, and training dives, and is meant to expand your knowledge and experience level. During the Rescue Diver course, you will gain skills pertaining to self-rescue, accident prevention and maintenance, as well as expand your knowledge and experience level. You will also be trained to consider the safety and well being of other divers and be able to rescue and assist in responding to panicked divers and unresponsive divers.

Cost: $425

  • Includes instruction, boat trips, open water dives, & certification (PADI e-learning course materials are not included).
  • Must be currently an Advanced Open Water Diver.