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Diving Trip Packing List


  • Dive Gear (please let us know ahead of time if you will need rental equipment)
  • Beverages (yes alcohol is allowed, but please NO glass & remember to KEEP HYDRATED as sun stroke is NO fun)…water and Gatorade are provided
  • Personal toiletries & towels (both bath and beach)
  • Motion sickness pills or ear patches…just in case, (best to bring with you…better to have to take the meds than to be sick all trip. The patches seem to work best, but you need a prescription for them.)


  • Your current certification card as you will NOT be allowed to dive without it
  • Your dive log so our master diver can sign off on your recorded dives
  • Dive Sausage (Yellow Or Red please … MANDATORY)
  • Dive Alert
  • Spear guns and spare accessories
  • Lobster snares/ticklers & nets
  • Zip ties to tag your catch


  • Don’t forget your polarized sunglasses, (if you don’t own any, now is the time to get them….can’t see the fish/dolphins without them)
  • Suntan lotion (NO oils…tends to make the deck slick) and hat or protective face covering
  • Beach Towels (yes… more than one)
  • PROPER non-skid footwear (NO flip flops as the decks get slick when wet)
  • Underwater cameras; unequalled underwater photography opportunities!