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Diving Guidelines

  • ALL divers learning to dive (in our Discover Scuba Diving course) must know how to swim and be comfortable in water up to 40 feet.
  • ALL currently certified divers must be minimally open water certified or junior open water certified with proof of certification(s)
  • All currently certified divers between ages 10 & 14 MUST dive with either a certified parent or a hired Dive Master/Instructor.
  • All divers must have proof of at least two dives in past twelve months of the date of your trip; (if not, be willing to hire a Dive Master/Dive Instructor or take a refresher course).
  • All divers must be minimally advanced open water certified to dive at depths deeper than 60 feet, dive the Vandenberg and/or night dive (if not, be willing to hire a Dive Master/Dive Instructor OR take a refresher course);
  • All divers must have a functional BCD with inflator, 1st & 2nd stage regulators, air & depth gauges; (rentals can be obtained at a nominal cost).
  • All divers must have a compass and dive watch; (preferably a dive computer as well. Again, rentals can be obtained at a nominal cost).
  • All divers must have a Dive Sausage.
  • All divers must have a surface Dive Alert; (whistle or alternative sounding device).
  • All divers must have a primary and back up dive lights; (wreck or night dives).
  • NO solo diving; buddy system only; (if you don’t have a buddy, either one will be assigned to you if available, or you will need to hire a Dive Professional to accompany you).
  • Any diver found to be in violation of Dive Tables/Computer/Dive Briefing after review of your personal dive profile, will not be allowed to dive the following dive and/or for the remainder of the trip at the Dive Master/Instructors discretion; with no refund. (Your safety is our foremost concern)!
  • Weights and weight belts are provided.
  • Diver propulsion units or vehicles are NOT allowed.
  • Aluminum 80 tanks are provided as standard for all divers; (personal cylinders are allowed). Nitrox available at $12.50 per tank
  • Make sure your tanks hydrostat and VIP certifications are current. If they are not, you will not be allowed to dive with them.
  • If you need us to fill your tanks prior to the first dive please advise of this at least 24 hours prior to your arrival so that we can plan our departure accordingly.
  • If you choose to bring your own tanks, please bring any adapters and o-rings needed to fill the tanks as we do not supply adapters.
  • All divers will be required to sign a release of liability form without modification(s). No divers will be taken offshore without an original signed release.
  • All divers will be terminated from diving if found to be either on drugs, or otherwise intoxicated/impaired or have consumed alcohol prior to departure, the day of the trip.
  • Adaptive SCUBA participants are always welcome, provided they are accompanied by certified and trained adaptive buddies to assist with entry, exit, gear removal, etc., as the vessel crew is neither trained nor equipped to assist adaptive divers in the water or on the dive deck.
  • Any medical conditions and medications MUST be disclosed. Medical conditions MUST have an original Doctor’s clearance in writing on the letterhead stating that the Doctor understands the consequences of diving with the diver’s specific medical condition, and that the diver is medically fit to dive. Standard medical release forms alone will not be accepted. (Please contact Divers Alert Network about your medical condition for further information).


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