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Meet the Captains and Crew

Captain & Dive Instructor Jack Jordaan

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and PADI certified Dive Instructor, Jack Jordaan had his beginnings in the cold north at a young age growing into an avid hunter, fisherman, and scuba instructor. Upon moving to a much warmer and more tropical climate around the turn of the century, he brought with him 30 plus years of this mastery and experience. Jack loves fishing, diving and living in Key West and enjoys the thrill and satisfaction of showing and teaching others about fishing and the amazing underwater world that exists here in the Florida Keys; and is the only authorized private diving and fishing charter to the Dry Tortugas. His extensive training and years of knowledge of the local waters from Key West to the Dry Tortugas can take you from the hottest fishing holes to the most gorgeous tropical reefs and the finest wrecks you will ever see; all in one trip. If you’re looking for a Captain or Dive Instructor with experience, knowledge, a keen eye, has the patience of a saint, and where safety comes first, Captain Jack is the man you want with you on your trip!

. . . Testimonials

Captain James Rogers

Capt. James Rogers hails from Pompano Beach Florida. His very first job was fishing on a boat. He got his captain’s license immediately after turning the legal age of 18 and at that point had more experience than most fishermen three times his age.

His hobbies include fishing, fishing and fishing. He even fishes on his days off! Customers willI tell you it makes a difference having a captain who loves to fish and doesn’t just see it as a job. In addition to charming all the single ladies in Key West Florida Captain James likes to run his crab traps for personal consumption.

He moved to Key West to run overnight charters and catch more fish. In his last position he ran a party boat out of Pompano Beach. He loves running private charters with six anglers where he gets to know his customers and he likes the more fertile fishing grounds where it takes more than one day to fish. James is 25 years old and has a very loyal following.

Captain & Dive Instructor, Brian Giffin

With close to 4000 dives logged Brian comes to us via the gorgeous Caribbean island of St Thomas, where he earned his PADI Dive Instructor and EFR Instructor certifications. Brian loves to instruct, and with his calm, cool, collective & easy going personality and style, makes him an excellent dive instructor. It is this style that also makes for a safe, reliable and calm dive pr

ofessional even in panicked situations; all the characteristics you want in a dive professional! Although he enjoys diving the gorgeous coral reef system from Key West , through the Marquesas Keys and out to the Dry Tortugas that also offer excellent spearfishing opportunities, his forte and love is diving on the many wrecks in the area, and night diving. You can always find him on the boat as our “Captain in training”, or Dive Instructor, or on his seldom day off, just hanging out with friends diving, fishing, or spearfishing in and around the local waters.

Captain & Dive Instructor, Karen Angle

Karen Angle returned to the ocean in 2004 after nine years in the mountains. She learned to SCUBA Dive in 1985. After working as a dive guide in the Red Sea she became a PADI instructor in 1992. From there she taught SCUBA on the island of Bonaire and in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM before settling in Miami Beach and finally the Keys. She was in the US Navy and has worked with NOAA in the Marine Sanctuary Program as an underwater photographer and has been published in multiple places including Savannah Magazine, the National Aquarium, and National Geographic. She currently resides in Key West and holds a USCG 6 Pack license, PADI MSDT Certification, Maritime Consortium Membership, CPR Certification as well as other licenses in Real Estate and Physical Therapy. She has owned and run several boats in near shore waters of Southeast Florida and the Keys and continues to go on the water every chance she gets, diving, sailing, kiting, fishing, etc.