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We had an awesome time. My dad, brothers and I have not been together in a long time. My youngest brother and I have been out on deployments fighting, and we just couldn’t seem to find the time to get all of us together until now. I could not have asked for a better setting for a reunion than with Adventure Watersport Charters in the Florida Keys. Thank you Jack, a great time had by all.

Stan Smith, USMC aka (TalaStan)

Captain Budd we just wanted to tell you again what a great time we had with you and your first mate out on the Emily Anne recently. Your knowledge and experience sure paid off with the tremendous catch we hauled in, not to mention the good laughs and great fun we had with you. Your chef skills were excellent and much appreciated as was your great sense of humor. Our next trip out wouldn’t be with anyone else but you and Adventure Watersport Charters. Thanks,

Clif Wilson, Ravenna, OH

Hats off to Capt Budd, the crew of the Emily Anne and Adventure Watersport Charters on our recent trip out with you guys. We got to hit the “hot spots” for a good catch, have some fun snorkeling, and some great meals! Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable and we can’t wait to come down for our next trip out exclusively with you. Thanks to everyone.

Roy Priestley, Hamburg, NY

Thanks for a fabulous fishing and dive trip that we all had with you. Capt Budd made sure we caught more than we ever thought we would with his experience and knowledge of the waters and secret fishing spots, and your master diver Jack took us to many dive sites that were superb and nothing like we’ve ever encountered up north with so many different species of fish, coral and wrecks that we saw, it was like swimming inside of a saltwater aquarium. Save us our same date for next year…we’ll be there for sure.

Jim Durish, Ontario, Canada

Adventure Watersport Charters rock!! Awesome trip and would do it again with you all in a heartbeat! Loads of fish, fun, good times and memories for a life time. Captain Budd was a great cook with the fish and lobster we caught and knew just where to take us spearfishing to get the biggest bang for our buck. The diving on the wrecks and reefs was amazing, full of all kinds of underwater life and beautiful, and it was also a great peace of mind to know we had our PADI certified master diver Jack on board as well. We’ll be back you can count on it.

Scott Mills, Jacksonville, FL

Wow! I never believed when we booked that the fishing would be so great, the catch so much and that we would be able to bring them all back home with us. We had a terrific time with Capt Budd and first mate Jack aboard the Emily Anne with loads of laughs and some awesome dinners. The Marquesas Keys and Dry Tortugas were amazingly picturesque. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip with Adventure Watersport Charters. Thanks again,

Chuck Wilson, Elmira, NY

All of our guys had a blast! The weather couldn’t be better and after years of going on these trips, I have to say the boat was in the best condition it’s ever been. It was great to have Capt. Budd back; he makes us feel like we are at home while on the water with him. Very knowledgeable about all things marine and the jokes he comes up with are second to none; and we still learned some new fishing tricks from him. At final count we brought in 19 different species of edible fish and not only filled up the fish box but had to start using the bait box for the fish we caught. Thank you again and we are already looking forward to our trip next year with Adventure Watersport Charters, Capt Jack and Capt Budd!!

Jeremiah Swett

We had an absolutely AWESOME time, and I would say our best trip ever we’ve had. There’s no doubt that we will definitely be “sailing” with Adventure Watersport Charters again soon….you all certainly know how to take care of your clients!

Mike Smith

Thanks Jack for everything you did to make our trip enjoyable. We had a great time and are very glad we were able to pull it all off and getting everyone together…your staff made it seem virtually effortless. You are very good at what you do and were a treat to work with.

John Downs

Our trip was awesome!! We really enjoyed our time out at sea with you and caught enough fish to feed 23 people that night with plenty left over….nothing like fresh fish. It was nice not to have to fight the crowd at the downtown charter marina. Next time it our trip will be out for a 2 or 3 day. We would highly recommend this trip for anyone. See you again next year!!

Bill Fuller

Myself along with 4 other scuba divers have recently taken a weekend get a way to Key West, Florida. Our trip from Montreal Canada was as smooth as the warm welcome we received once boarded the Emily Anne. Kelly had all the paper work in order, last minute signatures, full introduction of the staff and as quickly as you can imagine we were departing the port. The very first moment we met the crew, from captain to both Master divers, it was a warm welcome and as if we had known these gentlemen some time before. Their overall concern was to make sure we would have a great time and tailored the 4 dives to what we wanted. Kelly’s concern of keeping us well fed was proven with her sandwiches, snacks and pizza she brought for the entire weekend. Safety, fun, informative and relaxing were the ingredients of a successful trip. Adventure Watersport Charters did just that. Vandenberg wreck was awesome, nurse sharks and lobster catching……..great weekend. I would highly recommend this to any scuba team wanting to enjoy good company, great laughs and awesome diving.

From your entire Canadian Expedition Scuba Team, we thank you for all what you have done.


We had such a great time! It is a trip that none of us will ever forget! For 4 of us, it was the first time on a boat in the ocean, snorkeling and SCUBaBeing a person that fears going under water, the Adventure Watersport Charter crew made me feel comfortable enough to overcome the fear and try SCUBA. It was amazing and I just might do it again! Thanks again to all for a wonderful trip that we will truly never forget!


I had a wonderful trip with Captain Jack and Brian. What a great experience to have had on the boat with them. I learned a lot. We fished together, moved from spot after spot to catch whatever species we targeted. Brian took care of Everyone, Captain Jack fished with us, and I had the trip of a lifetime. Thank you very much for taking such good care of some really great people. I look forward to more of the same next time and can’t wait to go again.

John Sharkey

Thanks to everyone! You really go out of your way to show people a good time and have a great experience. It is so nice to deal with a company that is not just out to make a buck and churn and burn the tourist. I will recommend you to anyone and will send over some pics when I get a break from the VACATION! Thanks again and please post this on your website.

Stan Nagle
Jacksonville, FL

Although I am trying to readjust after being in a wonderful place that ya’ll have, I know for one the fathers of this father and son trip, had a great time with Captain Jack’s astute help, understanding and kindness . The amount of effort they put forth is extreme to catch fish, and lobsters; and then stayed up all night to prepare again for our next day .Your wonderful food, went a long way in supporting their efforts and keeping us fit to sustain another day of leisure (work); it was awesome! The sites, water, and boat were all great, and we came away with some new great friends . Captain Jack and Brian worked to keep us safe, secure, interested and a pace that I wish I could keep up with . Tell the guys we are going to do it again and we will be experienced by then and will assist. Thanks for a wonderful time.

Carl Waddell,
Mobile, Alabama

T4. Yes, it was a good trip. Capt Jack and Dive Master Robin were both great , really cool guys. The wind and vis did not cooperate very well or I am sure we would have shot much more fish.

You guys are my favorite down there and I do want to come back , just not sure when yet.


Excellent communication before, during, and after our dive trip. Kelly answered all my emailed questions and concerns promptly. Captain Jack was very personable and enjoyable. Our safety was his #1 priority. The Emily Anne is a great boat for several reasons: it is licensed for lobster hunting (this was an unexpected bonus…it was on my husband’s bucket list to go lobstering), the boat is designed for a max of 6 divers, and the bunks inside were inviting after a long day of diving. Lunch aboard was excellent and plentiful. Boat is docked at a very convenient location, just steps away from parking, which made hauling all our gear a breeze. Our first day of diving the air temp was chilly, but Captain Jack turned the heater on inside the boat, and we were very appreciative! Thank you, Kelly, Jack, Robin, and Karen for 2 days of memories.

Kelli and Scott,
Marville, MO

Thanks Adventure Watersport Charters for an awesome end of summer father/son adventure. We learned how to SCUBA from ground zero and fished our hearts out. From Key West to the Tortugas, and many points in between we had an absolute blast! Dive, Fish, Dive, Fish, Dive some more… Lobster, grouper, sharks, cuda, snapper, goliath grouper, and more… Captain Jack is the best captain and a phenominal cook! Master Diver Bryan was awesome and a great mother-hen while we were under water. We were safe and had the time of our lives! I hope those 2 get some rest because they worked their tails off taking care of us! The fishing was great and the diving was life changing! I certainly hope we will be back for another adventure!

Joe Denton

Capt Jack and Capt Wayne were great. Their personalized service with our small group of divers made the experience that much more enjoyable than other dive charters with 20 – 30 customers on the boat.

Pete/Tampa, FL

Thank you for such a great trip with personalized service! Keep up the great work there and good luck with all you do in your business!

Divers Dawn and Stephen

kelly and jack, just want let you know that i had a great time diving with you guys. your captains and dive masters took real good care of us and made us feel welcome on the boat. hope to see you guys next time i come down that way.i will tell everybody i know to use you guys if the are down that way.

your friend paul barret.