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Looking For A New Adventure? Come Try Spearfishing with us!

Posted on February 15, 2018

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Have you been aching to get out of the house? Probably away from work or yet due to the cold weather… Well at least for our northern fishing friends!! Here at Adventure Water Sport Charters, we have a vast array of different tour trips, fishing trips, day diving trips. We are a family owned local private charter boat business, who have been deep sea fishing the Dry Tortugas, and scuba diving in Key West and Marquesas Keys for the past 25 years!

One of the many Diving trips we offer is Spearfishing in the Dry Tortugas. Which is Almost 70 miles (112.9 km) west of Key West lies a cluster of seven islands, composed of coral reefs and sand. The numerous shallow water wrecks and reefs provide a beautiful underwater wonderland, and most of all offering an awesome view of a great variety of tropical fish, sea life, shells and enormous coral heads.

If you love to hunt and fish or yet maybe are an adrenaline junkie. Then spearfishing should become your new sport!! Combing the ancient forms of fishing and hunting provides the ultimate adventure of spearfishing; a heart racing thrill to which you will never forget!!

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Therefore Happy Fishing To all!!

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