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Meet Our Captains, Crew, and Boats

Posted on December 10, 2018

Captains and Crews at Adventure Water Sport Charters

Jack Jordaan is one of our Captains and Dive instructors. He is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and PADI certified Dive Instructor. He got his beginnings by being an avid hunter, fisherman, and scuba instructor.

Captain James Rogers hails from Pompano Beach, Florida and his first job was fishing on a boat. He got his captain’s license at the young age of 18 years old and at that point had already gained more experience and knowledge than people three times his age!

Brian Griffin is another of our Captains and Dive Instructors with around 4000 dives logged. He earned his PADI Dive Instructor and EFR Instructor certifications at the gorgeous Carribbean island of St. Thomas. This excellent dive instructor is calm, cool, collective, and easy going.

Karen Angle is a Captain and Dive Instructor that has been SCUBA Diving since 1985. After working as a dive guide in the Red Sea she became a PADI Instructor in 1992. She currently resides in Key West and holds a USCG 6 Pack license, PADI MSDT Certification, Maritime Consoritum Membership, and CPR Certification.

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Boats of Adventure Water Sport Charters

Our Torrents boat is 43 feet long and 15 feet wide and built with style, comfort and efficiency.

The Emily Anne is unique in that it can accommodate both avid overnight fishing or scuba diving thrill seekers or those that wish to take a leisurely afternoon sightseeing, sunset, and moonlight cruise. She also has convenient overhead tank and rod racks that are handy when diving or fishing. It is 11 feet at the beam and powered by twin 250 – 4 stroke Yamaha engines and capable of getting you where you’re going quickly in comfort and style.

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