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Pack 'n' Ship

Pack 'n' ShipUPDATE: Currently we will only freeze and package your catch. You will be responsible for shipping or transporting. Sorry for the inconvenience as UPS or FedEx will not guarantee shipping so we cannot guarantee your catch will remain frozen.  Adventure Watersport Charters will gladly pack and ship your fresh Florida Keys lobster/fish that YOU caught right to your doorstep for you! We use a professional grade vacuum seal machine to package your tails & fillets in serving sizes appropriate for your family or group. We label the packages with the lobster/fish type and date and flash freeze them for freshness. Once we are certain the packages are frozen rock solid, we transport them to our local packing and shipping store (aka…UPS or USPS). The staff then loads the fish packages into their special double-layer boxes used for perishables. They include ice gel packs or dry ice for the additional chill and the box is insulated inside by thick Styrofoam and protected by a heavy duty cardboard shell on the outside. Pack 'n' ShipThe box is shipped via overnight service and arrives The pricing works as follows:

  • Vacuum Seal, Freeze and Transport your Lobster/Fish to the UPS Store – $75 for the first 40 pounds of filleted lobster/fish; $2 for each additional pound
  • Overnight Shipping – Varies according to weight and destination.
  • Your TOTAL COST will average $5 to $10 per pound of (pre-frozen) lobster tails/filleted fish.

The cost of a freshly caught lobster/fish dinner with your family and friends back home is priceless!