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Adventure Watersport Customer Reviews – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Posted on March 15, 2017

If you have never been to the Florida Keys fishing or to visit the Dry Tortugas National Park than Adventure Watersport Charters is a must do!!

The GOOD – we boarded the boat and were treated by a very friendly staff. Kelly is a sweetheart (at least we are pretty sure of that and a great cook). We were shown all the details and basically given the boat, captain, and mate to start the fun. We really enjoyed the time we spent with them, they are professional – but will have as much fun as you want too. It only took a couple of hours before we were all cutting up like old friends reuniting.

Our run to the Dry Tortugas was a little long, so we trolled the entire way and got a nice Tuna. Once we arrived, we anchored up, the food was served and we started fishing. Get the food option, it’s nice to have your food hot and ready for you…and it’s true what they tell you…”if you come back hungry it’s your own fault.” And don’t worry, it’s different food types every meal. We even had a great chicken Parmesan the first night. Oh yeah, this was fishing!! The captain and crew put us on fish and if they stopped biting, he moved us to a new spot. We caught a variety of fish from grouper, mutton, yellowtail, tuna, kingfish, and even deep dropped and caught a golden tilefish.

The BAD – three days just wasn’t enough, seriously. Even though this is not a luxury cruise, it is very comfortable and you will be pleasantly surprised. This is a fishing trip and we were expecting a hardcore smelly vessel, but the beds were comfy, the A/C worked great, the vessel is roomy (we had 5 guys), they have electrical outlets, they have a DVD player, and the bathroom was not bad at all.

The UGLY – here’s where it’s getting ugly. We had one guy get sick, make sure your crew knows you can’t just run home if your tummy hurts. The good news is that the fort is in sight, so if someone has to get off, they could hang out on land and get equalized, while everyone goes fishing…it would take them a few hours to explore the fort anyways and there are plenty of tourists and rangers.

The annoying sharks. Be ready for some bite offs, and bringing up a couple of de-bodied fish. There are some really annoying sharks, but you learn real quick which bite is a shark, so later on your not as disappointed when it gets boat side. Big sharks – if you’re going to spearfish, buddy up. We had a moment when my speaking buddy screamed loud enough, 10 feet under, and the boat still heard him. The sharks are big and curious, but treat them with respect and don’t be a baby. We had three come up to us at one time (8-foot bulls), shot a kingfish, pushed them away as we went back to the boat, and went back in. Have fun, it’s their world…just be prepared.

WOW!!! My friends and I will never forget this trip, we made lifetime friends and we will do this again.

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